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This site is about electrofisher SAMUS for electrofishing

The SAMUS 725MP electrofisher unit is a website dedicated to a fishing tool for catching fish with the help of electric current. It is also called differently in various parts of the world (a fish generator, a fish shocker, a fish converter, electric fishing machine, a fish generator, electric or electronic fishing tool, etc.). We have been fishing with electro fishing equipment for several dozen years. It is an effective method of catching many species of fish. There is no such thing that, for example, fish baits no at all - as long as the fish are in the water, they can be caught, with an amateur fishing rod or other fishing tools, it is not always possible in the given conditions.

On this page you will find a description: what is the electrofisher, technical description and how to fish with any electrofisher, how fish react to electric current (galvanotaxis), how to catch different species and a gallery (videos) of electrofishing from fishermen and scientists all over the world.

Samus Special Electronics electrofishers

This page is dedicated to the SAMUS725M electrofisher model - it is one of the most advanced fishing gear in its class but costs much less than similar models of this type in the world and the price is really low in relation to the quality, reliability and durability. This equipment is professional and for years - it is like a shotgun. It is also much smaller than other electrofishing devices. The SAMUS725MP electrofisher is also light (easily portable) and allows you to conduct electrofishing in any conditions. Same goes for the SAMUS300and Samus Rich P-2000.

Electrofishers from fake chinese copmanies or ebay

It is worth buying a high durability electrofisher for years, as low quality from China or somewhere in the ebay, such units can be offered cheaply but without the guarantee and access code. There can also be such electrofishers already quite outdated, shabby and damp, which will cause them to stop working at the first opportunity. Electrofishing equipment like this is also very weak in watts and will not catch fish in the breeding pond - hence their price and therefore it is so cheap. For strong fish from ponds where power and reliability are required, the fisherman needs good gear and an electrofishing gear such as the Samus Rich P2000. It is the latest generation of electric fishing equipment and is the result of many years of research and experimentation. Fish such as carp, tench, pike, crucial carp need a high power and range only the best electrofisher can give to catch them quickly and efficiently.

An ebay or other market place or aliexpress electrofishers is really not a good idea, unless you need it all at once and for catching weak fish such as catfish, perch in very shallow water. You also need to get very close to the fish and practically put the electric landing net on its head. It will be better and cheaper to buy a fishing net for breeding ponds or a home-pond. It is not a good idea to catch fish with electricity in small reservoirs and small backyard water. Likewise, a shepherd's electric fishing device will strike you faster than a fish. And in shallow waters it will do damage and leave a mass of dead fry that will die and smell in the reeds instead of recovering with a professional electrofishing machine. We can provide the electric fishing model diagram / schemtics only after purchasing it from us for self-repair by a qualified specialist, if it is impossible to repair by our electronics specialist. The susan 735mp electrofisher(this is a fake and an underdeveloped disposable from our samus 725mp model) or Vietnamese or Ukrainian copy-cat units are cheap fakes that do not meet the fishing and quality standards of modern electrofishing equipment. Buy decent equipment for years or hang out with a friend or colleague. On our website you will also find help, support and information, such as how to make an electric landing net for each electrofisher for catching fish on breeding ponds.

Electrofisher for sale and price

Electrofisher for sale and rental and price are questions that must be considered at the end. Do you have to ask yourself a question? Will the equipment I want to buy do the job for me. This is specialist knowledge and if you choose a poor electrofisher unit, you will waste your time and money and you will be disappointed with this method of fishing. Do not buy on impulse because the heat and the fish splash and you also want cheap and a lot ;-). Believe me, buy equipment that will last for years - reliable and enjoy fishing in all conditions, be it on a river, pond or lake. Electrofisher shop, etc. it was in the communist era - now we buy online, but check if you have a service and warranty after the purchase. We have been helping in Poland for 20 years now, and we have been on the Internet for 20 years with a electrofishing device called - samus725MP and now the newest ones.

Homemade electrofisher, how to make from a shepherd or a diagram?

Similarly, the topic - a homemade fish shocker or the topic - how to make an electrofishing device - is not the best idea, because making a well-functioning electo fishing machine is not such a hop - it takes many years of experience and effort and practice on fish and fishing at different times of the year and knowledge of specialized pulse electronics. Learn how to conduct electrofishing, watch videos and instructions - how to fish with electricity and which electrofisher model is right for you for your water and pond or river. What species do you want to catch and how deep, and take into account other factors - not only economical like price or I want to buy cheap.

Electric fishing devices from China - risk and what they have there

Over the years, people worldwide began to look for and ask where to buy an electric fishing unit on ebay or Amazon. Electrofishing tools have been banned on these portals. Shopping on aliexpress and buying from China, where you do not have a domestic service and warranty - as it is for our devices - is a risky idea. But Samus 725MP electrofishers have a 3-year warranty period and the Rich P-2000 even a lifetime warranty as we have 25 years experience and our units do not break unless you do it by malpractice. Just like a professional catfish fish shocker. See our other page if you are interested in catching this big and voracious fish - Catfisher.pl- electrofisher for catfishing. Catfish is the easiest fish to catch with such electrofishing equipment as the Catfisher.pl electrofisher. And catfish is often a great pest in open water as well as in breeding ponds, where it eats huge amounts of fish and there is no way to catch it quickly and limit the population in a given water. Catfish is also one of the tastiest fish - its meat is boneless and nutritious. Recommended for children and adolescents. The front part of the catfish is lean, and from the rectal fin of the catfish, it accumulates fat in the tail, and this is the part of the catfish that is ideal for smoking or stewing in yogurt or lean cream with mushrooms, dill or wine. If you are interested in purchasing electrofishing machines for catfish for large rivers, contact us by email - or visit website Catfisher.pl .

Instructions for electrofishers – Manual for Samus 725 1000 Rich P2000 models

Electrofishers and guides can be found here in the tab. Instructions samus 725mp and 1000 are modern fishing tools for fishing with impulse current or alternating current. You can not buy them on ebay, because the website has forbidden - similarly to Amazon. An electrofishers from China, as already mentioned, is not a good idea and the purchase is subject to VAT in Europe. The Samus electrofishing unit will give you great fishing satisfaction and help you catch fish quickly and efficiently.

Conducting electrofishing

Electrofishing, or how to catch fish with fish shocker, can be found on these sub pages. Sometimes a better solution than an electric fishing machine will be to fish with fishing nets. We use them when it is not always possible to use an electric fishery device and the best for this will be nets for breeding ponds appropriately matched to the size of the fish, water transparency, etc. You should also pay attention to the size of the mesh of fishing nets and their types, because not every (fish) can be caught in a fishing net - e.g. if the pond is too small and the fish is too large or too visible in the water for the fish - especially for carp or catfish. An fykenets or mesh nets type fishing net differs significantly. Sometimes it is possible to combine catches with the use of an electric fishing machine and a fishing net. When you drain the pond, you take a deep hole where the fish flows in and accumulates in a pile. Then you take the appropriate electrofisher rod and use a net (with a net) to stun the fish gathering in the bottom and load it into the fish transport tanks.

Contact us- purchase "cheap", price, support

Finally, it is necessary to tell those interested in the subject that electrofishing machines are an effective and efficient fishing tool for catching various species of fish in ponds, lakes and rivers. The weakest and most sensitive to electric current are fish such as catfish, perch and pike perch, then all river fish (chub, roach, ide, grayling, salmon family - trout and barbel) and elongated fish - sturgeon, grass carp, salmon, sea ​​trout and trout. Strong fish are fish from ponds and lakes, carp (the strongest), crucial carp and bream (because they are short and wide) and the water in the pond is also less conductive than that mixed in the river with electric salts dissolved in it. Then you need a high-power electrofisher - reliable and resistant to high currents and heat generated during fishing. Capable of striking and attracting stunned fish to the surface and to the electric landing net. The fish must also regain balance as soon as possible after switching off the electrofishing unit and swim away in order to rest and regenerate the receptors. The fish must recover and will not respond to repeated shots as it is already weakened and not responding.

If you are interested in the topic, please contact me to find out what the price of the models is, with an inquiry - electrofisher price - by e-mail: electrofishers@gmail.com